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What the fuck is wrong with people?

Overheard today

"How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?"

"Its a really obscure number....you've probably never heard of it."

New Cell Phone

Alright.....I will be getting a new cell phone this month and I am in need of some suggestions. What cell company do you have, what about your phone? Features you like/ don't like/ recommend someone getting.

My phone is pretty old as it is, doesn't have the internets....so it's time I updated and moved into the future. So what about you....what do you have?!

me <3 flowcharts

This is quite possibly my favorite one.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all. I am very thankful for each one of you. Time for my brother to wake his ass up so we can open up some gifts and have some lasagna :) 


It might possibly be the one day of the year that I didn't want a snow day. The kids look forward to this day and I know they will be majorly bummed to not have school...and it's just not the same to come back in January and have your holiday party. Such is life! Happy Snow Day to those that have it! 


Can't everyone just fucking get over their hate speeches of the other political party and get along? This is getting really ridiculous, and frankly, I'm glad the whole damn ordeal is over.


All jeans at Old Navy today are 12 bucks. That's pretty much a steal, for real.  It's only a one day sale, so get em while they're hot!


AAH!! The new teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out......


I'm taking a break from Ikea furniture...it's a bitch to make. Pictures of the big move coming soon!!!

Post Card Calling!

If you wanted me to send you a postcard from Oceania with my shockingly nice handwriting ;) I can do that, I just need your address pronto. Have em to me by Wednesday, because by Wed. night I'll be too busy to write it down!

Comments will be screened (thanks millertime77 for reminding me!)

Top Chef intermission

I hope they aren't foreshadowing that that bitch Lisa wins Top Chef because I'll be pissed. 


FUCK!!! Go see this movie. I absolutely loved it. Yes, it's a little shaky (reminiscent of Blair Witch) but it's sssssoooo worth it. Loved it. Oh, and stay until the very end of the of the film, like after the credits.